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MedTreks is thrilled to partner with Janalyn Rose of Sayulita Gold for the upcoming Wellness Retreat for Healthcare professionals in Mexico. We know that with the recent advances and implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine, healthcare professionals are going to be wanting to travel more than ever. We also know that healthcare workers are needing experiences in wellness, relaxation and personal rejuvenation, more than ever. We look forward to offering this opportunity to healthcare professionals, their friends and loved ones. It will be an intimate retreat group that focuses on wellness strategies, yoga practice, ocean activities and wellness workshops. Nurses will be getting 10 CEs for attending this retreat!



Yoga Retreat for Nurses

Janalyn Shares Her Story and Why She Loves Sayulita



– Sri Swami



Come here to find the spark for life the yogis call Bodhichitta. There is an inner fire that recedes when we are without nature for too long, come rest with us and work into your practice long enough to rekindle your own unique light. We are not going into a yoga studio, but a place to adventure- into yoga, surfing, music, community, charity, and beautification. Surf, drink a calming tea, workshop in a way that brings you joy, save the world and create a space for continuing education that feels amazing. We invite beginners of all ages and interests and practiced yogis all the same. Come let us guide you into your favorite pose, maybe pause in it for a breathtaking photo. What would you like to see come to you? If you believe it is possible it may come to exist.

Here there is something different, they all say it, when they arrive and when they leave, they almost always return. A magic, a magical town, a light that surrounds you differently and gets inside of you, makes you want to sing, dance a little, explore. The jungle touches the sand, the sea, birds yell, flowers reach toward the sun. 

Join the adventure of learning to be alive again. 



Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Sayulita is 30 minutes North West of Puerto Vallarta in the Nayarit region of Mexico. Known for its lush jungle, ancient history and local community of healers, Nayarit is one of the most beautiful areas Mexico has to offer. Sayulita offers a small town charm with colorful prayer flags throughout cobblestone streets, professional surfers on waves out front and caballeros riding stunning horses past both (yes, you can join them if you are curious). 

Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico is the gem of the coastline less than one hour North of Puerto Vallarta. A surfing and fishing village with the feeling of cultural crescendo, Sayulita will steal your heart and you will leave with the taste of tacos, the fanciest margaritas, salty warm water waves and the fun of dancing under the stars at the local live music Salsa Night. Come, Explore, Adventure, feel ALIVE again. Be warm and outside and swim in the sweetness of the sea. This is a place placed on the map for a reason.


MedTreks Wellness Retreat


Retreat to Paradise. Feel Luxurious. Expand your Senses. 

Yoga is only one part of your retreat experience. 

We will provide you with the beauty and the style, you bring your open heart and prepare to smile wide on each exhaled breath. 

Expect Only the Best; Anticipate Joy

Your retreat will be a dream from the time you choose to join us to your steps off of the plane back home. JanalynRose will guide you through morning yoga practice that will re-awaken your body, mind and heart. Directly following each daily yoga practice will be incredible foods and adventures through the vibrance of Sayulita, Nayarit Mexico, a town with warm, tropical waters, lush jungle, gracious locals and the finest culinary fusions. Surf lessons, private surf tours and Stand Up Paddle Yoga will cultivate your inner Mermaid or Triton. Enjoy a satiated sky of stars from the deck of your own Villa and nights out in the central plaza for cultural exploration and fancy finds, even a local-live music-salsa dancing night. Explore the town’s offerings, shop at local boutiques, savor street tacos, and have a margarita on the beach. Discover everything this charming and vivid town has to offer.




She stands on the edge of the sea. The place where warm water meets golden sand. Here, it is easier to take a deep breath in. Here it is easier to relax her shoulders, to think clearly, to decide what comes next. 

Sayulita sings behind her. She turns from the bustling and busy strip of beach filled with the sound of Mexican music, the mariachi, the way that the little kids selling sweet stuffed animals and candy smile at her. Walking back into the little village, colorful with prayer flags and pastries, alive with the joy of life, she knows she is home in her soul. 


Blue ocean, cerulean sky, the jungle behind and above and around. There is a profound sense of freedom here. The minute you stepped off of the plane, you knew. The minute the deep breath of warm and extra oxygen filled air entered into your lungs you felt more alive. Space to run. Hot sand. Space to throw your arms up to the sky and stop asking why but maybe how and when. 

Sayulita is alive with that beat of music, drums, the sound of yes. Creativity is calling you, and you feel like you can express it anywhere. There is the healthier option at your fingertips. A smoothie, a cold fruit water, infusions, ginger shots. Maybe those things sounded hippie at home, but here they are the way back into the natural state. You try a different one each day. You feel more alive moment by moment. 


Yes. Say yes in that way that is buried deep inside of you after all this time so quietly saying no because you had to. Yes to life, yes to loving every moment of your day. Yes to the color of the sky, the warmth of the sea, yes to trying something new, to seeing the stars again for the first time. Come and say yes to being alive and being grateful you exist. 



In everything, we look for The Golden Lining. Sayulita Gold is the way you discover the most intimate pieces of this small town, the way to uncover the secret life of the expats that have lived here long enough to know which river road to take you down to get to the secret beach, where to photograph the most Instagramatic finds, the space and place to exist in harmony with both nature and the community, the way to surf the main break without conflict. 



MedTreks Wellness Retreat




 Ocean breeze across mountain faces. When they ask me to visualize my favorite place in nature I land here. The calm of the sheltered by jungle trees infinity pool overlooking the setting sun. The feeling that nothing else exists for as long as I need to become my whole self again. No unnatural light. the rising of the sun, gentle through the swaying curtains of my own personal jungle hideaway. Open space to practice yoga, to breathe, to remember how I feel in my own body when I feel good again. 

The staff treats each client with that golden glow that comes from a peaceful place in which to spend your day. The food is made with care and creativity, ingredients sourced locally and with seasonal respect.  I am one with the nature of this place. I am home for a little while in my skin. 

MedTreks & Sayulita Gold Wellness Retreat

Photo Credit: @janalynrose

About Janalyn’s & Sayulita Gold Workshops


“I need the sea because it teaches me, 

I don’t know if I learn music or awareness, if it’s a single wave or its vast existence, 

or only its harsh voice or its shining suggestion of fishes and ships. 

The fact is, until I fall asleep, in some magnetic way I move in the university of the waves.”

 -Pablo Neruda





JanalynRose created this retreat favorite after consistent requests for copies of the book she is working on! We will break down our personal barriers to cultivating Joy and explore collective habits to determine new patterns to personally put in place in life for more sustained joy.  


This Yoga Asana Workshop combines Zen Koans with Vinyasa movement as well as journaling and Meditation to shift perspective and offer a new scenic view.


We dive into the world of possibilities for you to change your nutrition choices and habits to change your energy, your nervous system, your life. Fun and engaging- this will be the workshop you take home, with our Sayulita Gold cookbook in tow!


Candlelight, peaceful yoga, with the strum of ukulele, guitar and the sound of the ocean and soft singing. Rest, renew, melt into the warmth of Sayulita. 


This is the workshop most beloved for getting you out of your comfort Zone. We bring professional Salsa Dancing instructors and optional flights of tequila to help you let loose, unwind, learn something from a hip swaying latin culture. 


Not just the physical challenge, but the overcoming fear of flight is interwoven into this partner based workshop. Safe, fun, and accessible to everyone, handstanding is really the foundation to anti-aging- let’s get upside down! 





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