Travel Itineraries

We aim to make sure that all of our participants feel well prepared and supported before, during and after their travels. Once you register for a MedTreks trip, you have access to the Pre-Travel planner which includes:

  • Travel Advice
  • Packing List
  • First Aid Kit Suggestions
  • Important Contact Numbers
  • Helpful Travel & Global Health Resources
  • Link to our MedTreks Alumni page

Thank you for joining our team!

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HopeCore’s Approach:

HopeCore is dedicated to fostering integrated social and economic development in rural communities. We are working to alleviate poverty through microfinance loans and micro enterprise, business, training and support, health promotion, and disease prevention programs.

We describe our approach to poverty eradication through the three-legged African stool, without one of the legs the stool will fall, similarly without the combination of income generation, disease prevention, capacity building, poverty will continue to have a negative impact on communities.

Through the integration of health interventions, both preventative and curative, health education, micro loans, skills-based training, and staff capacity building, HopeCore is reducing the burden of poverty for vulnerable populations in the Maara Sub County.

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