MedTreks Kenya Course Outline



“Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP16597, for 10 contact hours”. If you need Catagory one CME for this seminar, contact us.

Section One Global Health in the 21st Century

Core concepts in Global Health including the 14 Child Survival technologies, key maternal-child health concepts and emerging global health issues facing our world today.

Section Two Self-care for Healthcare

Will cover various modalities and tools for patients and healthcare practitioners. Topics include stress reduction, nutrition, mind-body medicine, alternative therapies, traditional and cultural healing practices.

Section Three Medical Volunteering in the Developing World & Disaster Preparedness

Will focus on medical volunteering in the developing world: how to stay healthy, find, and evaluate positions. We will discuss basic disaster preparedness strategies. A list of 100 relevant websites on this topic will be overviewed.

Section Four Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine updates in the Developing World

Will cover the life cycle, basic biology of the parasite, the re-emergence of malaria in many parts of the world. Geographic specific risks to the traveler will be covered as well as recent advances in mosquito repellents, chemoprophylaxis, and medications used in the treatment of acute malaria. Pre-trip health planning, food and water precautions, water disinfection, travel safety, environment protection, travel immunizations, insect repellents.

Section Five Sustainable Medicine in Resource-Limited Regions of the World

This section will review core material in global health with particular emphasis on the spread of communicable diseases and new emerging infections. It will address the key points of the importance of child-maternal health, health promotion, and disease prevention. It will also cover new and innovative ways of delivering health care in rural areas of the developing world.


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