Covid-19 Wellness Toolbox

COVID-19 Wellness Toolbox

Hello friends and fellow health professionals!

Our world is changing every day.  Many of us are scared what the future will hold. How sick will our communities get? Will our hospital have the resources? Will we be able to take care of our families?

In this time of uncertainty, during this pause in life, we need to find ways to continue to move our bodies, breathe, connect with others, find humor, laugh, cry…we are caregivers but we are also human. It is a long road ahead. After spending the last week creating our own Wellness Toolbox for the MedTreks and HopeCore staff, we decided to share these resources with you. Hoping that you find time and space to fit even small routines of wellness into your life. We hope you find it helpful! Thank you for the work that you do, each and every day!

With gratitude,

The MedTreks Team

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Wellness Toolbox

Fitness & Movement


Has extended their free trial to 90 days. Take a mix of yoga, meditation, strength, cycling, running and more. You don’t need a Peloton bike to participate in the classes.

Seconds Interval Timer App

Smartphone App where you can create and share you own interval home workouts.


Medical & Emergency Preparedness 

Supplies for a Home Quaratine

Has extended their free trial to 90 days. Take a mix of yoga, meditation, strength, cycling, running and more.

First Aid Kits

List of needed supplies for a home first aid kit provided by the Red Cross.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

Glo Yoga

Offering free online meditation & yoga classes for anyone.

Core Power Yoga 

Offering free online classes until the end of March, even to non-members.


Offering free services/trial for healthcare professionals during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Wellness Toolkit

Education & Language 

450 Free Online Ivy League Courses 

Free online courses from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale.


Learn a language online, for free. Easy and fun, learn any language from Spanish to Japanese.

Children wellness

Families & Children 

Talking to Children about COVID-19

A parent resource from National Association of School Psychologists

12 Virtual Museum Tours 

Experience the best museums from London to Seoul in the comfort of your own home.

wellness recipes

Nutrition & Recipes 

Creative Lunch Making 

Dozens of creative snack and meal ideas for children & families on this Pinterest board.

Best Pinterest Accounts for Meal Ideas 

Bon Appetite shares their favorite accounts on Pinterest for recipe and meal ideas

Selfcare for healthcare resources

Mental & Emotional Support  

Free 1 hr Debriefing Support for Healthcare Workers 

Volunteer organization has collaborated to provide 1 hr free debriefing for healthcare workers during this stressful time.

Mental Health Guide During COVID-19 

Good mental health resource during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Wellness Toolbox

Music & Art 

Free Online Music Classes 

Over 200 Free Online Music Classes

Big List of Easy Music Learning Website 

Whatever your musical taste or instrument of choice, this list of sites is the perfect start to creating those sweet sounds.

More Resources During COVID-19 


Calm: Free Meditations during COVID-19
Keeping your Mind Grounded
Managing Anxiety Around COVID
Yale Webinar for Managing Stress in the Time of COVID-19
Coping with Stress During Disease Outbreaks
How to stay calm during a Coronavirus outbreak
Care for Caregivers



Emotional Resilience:

Yale webinars: Using emotional intelligence to combat COVID-19 anxiety
Science-Based Tips for Emotional Resilience in the time of COVID-19



Online working/learning in the time of COVID-19

E-Learning tools for distance education
Guide to Transitioning Your Clinic to a Remote Work Environment
When Home Becomes the Workplace
Online COVID-19 Simulation Training
Working at Home with Kids
Psychologists Guide for Newly Remote Workers
Free Ivy League Classes
NIH Career Training Resources for Researchers
A Guide To Find Work during Coronavirus


Parenting in the Time of COVID-19:

Building Resilience as Parents
Talking to kids about Coronavirus
How to Prepare Your Family & Home for Coronavirus   
Supporting Kids During the Time of Coronavirus


Quarantine with Kids:

Virtual Tours for All Ages
Time capsule for kids
Distance Learning Resources from Smithsonian
Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions 
NASA Explore
Virtual Disney Rides
Education Companies offering Free Subscriptions 
Vegetable Gardening Guide
Cosmic Kids Yoga
PBS Educational Resources



Resilience in Challenging Times – Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach
21 Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra and Oprah 


Cultural Experiences:

Live Virtual Concerts
Museum Virtual Tours


Support Groups:

Free Support Group for Online Health Professionals


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