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Education, Training Materials & Resources on COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to rapidly spread around the globe, our goal as a Global Health Education company is to help provide direct, accurate and helpful resources for COVID-19.


This toolbox includes: 


Educational Resources on COVID-19 

Health & Wellness Tools for COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Model:

MedTreks has been working with our partner program, Village HopeCore International  to design a comprehensive educational toolkit on COVID-19 for resource limited areas of the world. The goal of this toolkit is to provide free education and training materials with the hope to open-source this toolbox for other health programs who are struggling to find the time to train their staff and provide them with the appropriate resources.

Here is what is in the COVID-19 Education Toolbox

COVID-19 Toolkit

Our MedTreks teams have been working to build out a comprehensive COVID-19 Toolkit with Village HopeCore International.


Access the full COVID-19 Toolkit HERE


COVID-19 Educational Training Presentation for Community Health Volunteers


Access the full COVID-19 Presentation HERE 


COVID-19 Educational Flip Chart for Health Educators and Community Health Workers to use in their work day to help facilitate training to patients and community members


Access the full COVID-19 Flip Chart HERE 

COVID-19 Educational Flyers

Free informational flyers and posters on COVID-19 disease, transmission and prevention


Access the full COVID-19 Informational Flyers HERE

COVID-19 Social Media Posts

Free COVID-19 Social Media posts and informational resources


Access the full COVID-19 Social Media Toolkit 

Other ways our MedTreks Kenya program is working to support the COVID-19 Response at HopeCore:

Telehealth Education & Consultation:

MedTreks recently funded and initiated a Telehealth program with HopeCore. Through VSEE Telehealth platform our faculty will be working with HopeCore to help design a virtual telemedicine clinic for the COVID-19 patients.

Health Education:

Our MedTreks faculty continues to produce education and training materials to the Kenyan staff related to COVID-19 prevention, diagnosis and treatment. We send weekly updates and continue to build our curriculum to strengthen their Community Health Response.

To help support our work in Kenya, you can make a tax deductible donation to Village HopeCore COVID-19 Response HERE


We hope this information was useful. Stay safe out there!


The MedTreks Team

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