MedTreks Kenya Global Health Program

Our program works to build capacity through health education and clinical skills training to local community health professionals in rural Kenya.

MedTreks Kenya is an ongoing collaboration between health professionals interested in improving global health. We partner with Village HopeCore International, a sustainable Kenyan public health program that offers healthcare services to over 500 villages in rural Kenya.

Education. Collaboration. Empowerment.  


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About Our Partner Program: HopeCore


Village HopeCore International (HopeCore), is a public health and poverty eradication program that provides services to over 500 villages in rural Kenya. Working with the aim to build healthy communities, HopeCore’s approach is broad-based.many different community health programs. The healthcare model is not only efficient, it is sustainable as all programs are executed through existing institutions such as Department of Health Services & Sanitation & Ministry of Education.


More on HopeCore Programs

Visit HopeCore Website 


Health Programs include:

Community Health Volunteer Program 

Maternal Child Health

Community Outreach & Health Fairs  

School Health Program

Clinical Services  

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Malaria Prevention 

Youth Specific Health Programs

MedTreks Kenya
Medical Mission
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Our Model & Why Global Health Matters


The World Health Organization reports that Sub-Saharan Africa has 24% of the world’s burden of disease and only 3% of the workforce to address it.


MedTreks partners with Village HopeCore International (HopeCore) to help build and train their local healthcare workforce. HopeCore now has several medical teams that provide regular school mobile clinics to over 200 schools, deploys over 800 community health workers to provide public health services in over 500 villages in rural Kenya


Our role as MedTreks medical professionals is to collaborate with the local Kenyan health teams to enhance existing medical skills and design new strategies for efficient healthcare delivery.




Medical Volunteer Trip Kenya
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Medical Volunteer Kenya
Med Trip Kenya

MedTreks Mission

Strengthening the global health workforce through education, collaboration, innovation and empowerment.


  • CPR & First Aid
  • Wound Care & Injury Assessment
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Nutrition & Immunizations
  • Family Planning & Prenatal Care
  • Pediatrics & Maternal Health
  • Triage & Rapid Patient Assessment
  • Acute Care & Chronic Disease Management


  • Train-the-Trainer Education Model
  • Culturally Competent Healthcare Delivery
  • Program Support through Fundraising
  • Workshops in Teamwork & Learning Service

Innovation & Empowerment

  • Telehealth Consultation Services
  • Online Educational Programs
  • Medical Skills Labs
  • Leadership & Professional Development classes

MedTreks Kenya Medical Trips

Our MedTreks teams travel twice a year to engage in educational sessions with the Kenyan healthcare team at Hopecore as well as providing continuing education through online discussions, newsletters and Telehealth consultation.


** Each MedTreks trip is unique in that different topics are covered depending on the faculty on that trip. If you are a healthcare provider or health educator and interested in teaching your skills to our Kenya team or if you are a student or health professional simply wanting to gain more hands-on experience in global health & humanitarian medicine- we are happy to chat more!

Email Us for more information or scroll down to read more about the MedTreks Global Health & Humanitarian Field Course in Kenya 


Global Health & Humanitarian Field Course

About This Course:

Medical professionals are seeking ways to give back to the world. Our Global Health & Humanitarian Medicine field course is designed for health professionals and students who are interested in gaining skills in the areas of global health, travel & humanitarian medicine. This field course and medical volunteer trip involves a hybrid style of cross cultural healthcare exchange with medical skills training. We are dedicated to equipping healthcare professionals with skills they can take and use anywhere in the world.


Topics Include: 

Global Health in the 21st Century

Core concepts in Global Health including the 14 Child Survival technologies, key maternal-child health concepts and emerging global health issues facing our world today.

Humanitarian Medicine & Disaster Preparedness

Will focus on medical volunteering in the developing world: how to stay healthy, find, and evaluate positions. We will discuss basic disaster preparedness strategies. A list of 100 relevant websites on this topic will be overviewed.

Sustainable Medicine in Resource-Limited Regions of the World 

This section will review core material in global health with particular emphasis on the spread of communicable diseases and new emerging infections. It will address the key points of the importance of child-maternal health, health promotion, and disease prevention. It will also cover new and innovative ways of delivering health care in rural areas of the developing world.

Travel Medicine & Staying Healthy While Volunteering Abroad 

Geographic specific risks to the traveler will be covered as well as pre-trip health planning, food and water precautions, water disinfection, travel safety environment protection, travel immunizations, insect repellents.


View MedTreks Education Program HERE

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“When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough to make room for it in your life”

~ Jean Shinoda Bolen


Why Our Program is Different  

Years of experience in the global health and humanitarian field, we have come to find that there are a lot of organizations who are doing incredible work, but more often we find that there is good intention but the execution of their mission is often ineffective and in some cases, harmful to the communities that they seek to serve. 

When medical professionals take time out of their busy schedules to volunteer and share their skills, they want to make sure their impact is making a difference. So do we. 

Our programs have been designed over a 10 year process before they were executed. Over 30 years of experience in the field of Global Health and working with experts in Travel and Humanitarian medicine, we are passionate about equipping medical professionals with reliable and practical tools that will make them useful and successful when they provide medical assistance anywhere in the world- locally and internationally. 

Our work and 20 year partnership with Village HopeCore International in Kenya has allowed us to continually assess our interventions. We work regularly with the staff in Kenya to collaborate on the most effective strategies and assistance that our MedTreks teams can offer. Through this, we are assured that our programs and our interventions will be sustainable. In order for our programs to run well, we make sure to involve our Kenyan teams every step of the way. 

From Past Participants

“I don’t know if you realize what a special thing MedTreks is or how beautiful the MedTreks / HopeCore relationship is. You’re providing an opportunity for 2 different cultures to share talents and education with each other. The experience is priceless and I can’t wait to return. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all we’re so nice and hospitable to us. I appreciate your patience in letting us follow you around the schools, your grace was not over looked. I hope our suggestions were helpful to you.”

C,G. RN from Northern California,

“This experience was incredibly eye-opening and heartwarming! The setting and accommodations in Chogoria were beautiful and the service was above and beyond. The cultural exchange amongst healthcare workers in the U.S. and healthcare workers in Kenya was exceptional and enlightening. The guidance and navigation through the villages made me feel safe and comfortable yet also provided a “hands off” approach to learning that allowed me to have an individual experience with the healthcare workers, students, and families. I also really enjoyed the community dinners, dancing, and soccer that encouraged mutual appreciation and teamwork. I signed up for this program thinking I was going to be volunteering my time, but instead I feel like I was given much more than I ever hoped to contribute. I came home feeling re-invigorated about medicine and inspired by the comprehensive approach that Hope Core and MedTreks provides to the community of Chogoria. I gained an indispensable education regarding humanity,communication, and global health”

T.V, RN from Reno, NV

“I was introduced to Hopecore through MedTreks in 2018. This was my second trip and I am amazed by how much HopeCore has grown in a year. I enjoy learning from the HopeCore nurses and also providing them with resources so they can improve their delivery of care. The week in Chogoria gives me a perspective that shifts the way I view my own work as a nurse. We as a MedTreks team come to teach but in the process, as my heart is moved, I am the student gaining both personal and professional growth.

I appreciate hopecore so much for allowing us to visit and participate again. It is an outstanding program and I am great full they open up their home to us. I enjoy the special care the team provides when we visit. Hopecore has really good drivers and I am so Thankful for them”.
J.W. RN from Southern Oregon

frequently asked questions

Who Can Join a MedTreks Kenya Trip? 

Our medicals trips are open to doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs, EMTs. We also welcoming nursing and medical students to join on these trips for educational purposes. We are excited about the future of Global Health and we welcome anyone in the health profession who is interested in learning how to improve the global health landscape. 

What are the Steps to Signing Up for a Trip? 

  1. Send us an email and introduce yourself!
  2. We will send you a quick questionnaire and volunteer application
  3. A short phone interview to discuss any questions
  4. Submit deposit and then final payment via check or credit card
  5. Receive a full Pre-Trip packet upon registration including packing list, step-by-step guide to getting to Kenya and a helpful resource list for medical volunteers

If I can’t Travel to Kenya, Can I still be Involved?

Yes. Our MedTreks Kenya program is operating year round. We have medical providers who offer their services through online education and telemedicine instruction. If you are a healthcare provider and would like to join our volunteer medical teams, please contact us HERE

Can Nurses get Continuing Education for the MedTreks Kenya Trip?

Yes! Our Field Course in Global Health & Humanitarian Medicine offers nurses up to 20 CEs. All of our courses are approved for nursing continuing education by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #CEP16597

Can My Family Member Join Me?

Depending on the size of our group, we do welcome loved ones/family if they are interested in helping out during their stay. There are several opportunities for non-professionals to be involved and our MedTreks team will work with you on a case by case basis. 

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