Garrett Means, EMT, CPT-1

    Garrett Means, MedTreks Kenya Global Health Intern

    Garrett is passionate about connecting with local cultures to find ways that sustainably empower their health and maximize their resources. Having volunteered to serve impoverished communities throughout his life, he decided to transition away from his career in construction to find his calling in caring for the underserved. After working in global health NGO’s and local medical clinics with several disadvantaged communities across Tanzania, he was inspired to get a degree in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior while studying global health and poverty alleviation at UC Davis. He now works as an ER Tech in a rural Californian community while applying to applied psychology and global health programs to expand his capacity to serve. He is also working with the wonderful experts here at Village Hopecore and Medtreks on fulfilling their educational vision. He works both in-country and remotely with the team in Chogoria on creating and expanding our community health volunteer training program. Garrett spent 6 weeks in the Chogoria working with MedTreks and HopeCore in 2019 and was instrumental in designing and implementing the online training program for our Community Health Workers at HopeCore. He continues to be part of our educational team and dedicates his internship time to creating improved health educational technologies and curriculum both online and in person.

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